Sand Hill Thicket

Tales of stunning sunsets, happy sheep, and peace and quiet on a 10-acre farm in Northeastern Kansas.


Sheep Drama

Happy New Year!

The sheep wish you a non-monochromatic year of adventure, change, and new grass! We are missing Mother Nature's color and vigor as we now head into the depth of winter. Throw some wool on and stay warm!

It’s That Time of The Year…

One by one, the ladies line up to flirt with the men across the driveway. This year the grass is so tall you can't even barely pick out the rams amongst it. We will be breeding in November! Until then, keep it rated PG!

The Shearing is Done

I'm so excited - the shearing is all done! Yay! And now I have a mountain of fleece in my storeroom....

#Irma – The After

Well, we made it through Hurricane Irma after sheltering in-place. We did not have any significant damage. The worst that happened was the metal cover over our ag well was peeled back like the lid on a sardine can.

Tzatziki’s New Bunk Feeder

Can’t Sleep – Literally Must Count Sheep

It's 2:27 a.m. last night and my eyes pop open. Ah, yes, such is the life of a shepherdess. A sheep is bleating every other breath for some bizarre reason. Ohhhh, can I just go back to sleep? Please? The one and only time I ever did that, I regretted it.

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