We live in unprecedented times, which means keeping livestock, gardening, farming, cooking/baking, preserving, DIY (#ILoveMacGyver) projects, living sustainably, utilizing regenerative agriculture, practicing conservation, planting hedges, working to homestead, and generally being resourceful are more important than ever. I probably over-share and I’m a long-range planner, but it’s important that I learn from my own mistakes and successes. This blog is like my journal – so follow along, if you’d like. Ultimately, I believe in being proactive, but that it’s also about the people next to me.

We are on 10 acres in the hills of Northeastern Kansas. We have many rescue cats, Icelandic chickens, cayuga ducks, 21 sheep (currently), and a horse. We raise Gulf Coast Sheep to conserve the breed, keep our piece of prairie mowed, and keep me getting out of bed each morning. We spend most of our off-time on the farm.

Things changed for us in 2018 as we moved from central Florida to NE Kansas. (We used to be Sandhill Flats in Florida, but now we are Sand Hill Thicket in Kansas.) Follow along as we all adapt to the extremes of Kansas life! We’re not in Florida anymore, Toto.

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