Sand Hill Thicket

Tales of stunning sunsets, happy sheep, and peace and quiet on a 10-acre farm in Northeastern Kansas.


November 2016

Tzatziki’s Wool

A Journey: In Search of the Perfect Pizza Crust

First Frost – It’s That Time, Already

Well, we received our first frost already. Actually, we had a frost on Monday AND Tuesday morning. A double whammy.

Can’t Sleep – Literally Must Count Sheep

It's 2:27 a.m. last night and my eyes pop open. Ah, yes, such is the life of a shepherdess. A sheep is bleating every other breath for some bizarre reason. Ohhhh, can I just go back to sleep? Please? The one and only time I ever did that, I regretted it.

Lemon Harvest

The lemons are ready! Success! That means we can make: lemon meringue pie, lemon squares, lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon filled beignets, lemon poppy seed cake, lemon cookies, lemon cocktails, etc., etc. (Insert shrimp flashbacks from Forest Gump here.)

Fall Kitchen Garden

The fall kitchen garden has been planted, and I'm crossing my fingers that things grow big and luscious.

My Farming Filosophy

First things first, I need to answer your question: why farm? It's about sustainable living, nature, doing it yourself, a simpler way of life, knowing where your food comes from, and the animals.

How to Introduce a Ram Into an Existing Ram Flock

Finally, it was time for the 10-month old ram-lamb to be reintroduced to his father. The ram-lamb lacked about 25 lbs. and a set of really good horns, and I hoped the ram would not fight the ram-lamb to the death.

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