Well, we received our first frost already.  Actually, we had a frost on Monday AND Tuesday morning.  A double whammy.  I guess I gambled wrong.  National Weather Service (NWS) has been saying we are more than likely going to have a warm, dry “winter” this year. NWS  couldn’t even predict this frost.  That’s the last time I believe them on such an important topic.

I remember laying in bed at midnight-thirty on Sunday night thinking, I should get up and put a sheet over the garden at least.  The outside temperature was already 35 degrees at that point, and NWS was forecasting the low to be 35.  I should have acted, but I didn’t.

List of Casualties: green bean plants, bananas (done for the year early), and all of the grass in the pasture.  The pastures basically went into dormancy.  They were already struggling without any rain, and the frost sent them packing.  It’s brown as far as you can see.  (Reminds me of the barren landscape of Montana deep in the winter when the wind blows all the snow off the brown grass…)  Yes, there are tinges of green under the trees and deep in the grassy hillocks, but it’s time for supplemental feedings.

I was hoping to have the livestock on pasture for at least a couple more weeks, but oh well. The sheep are THRILLED the peanut hay is getting doled out.  I swear they knew I had it and were plotting a way to get to it.  It’s a total sheep conspiracy.

The rest of the garden loved the frost, and the ornamentals around the house were fine except for the very tips of their branches that were the farthest away from the bricks.

I really can’t believe it’s this time of the year already.  I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp.  A good example is when I went looking for marshmallows for the candied yams for tomorrow.  I’ve been banking on the fact I had a whole unopened bag, but when I looked at the bag, it has expired last year around the same time.  I feel gypped.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be 80 degrees tomorrow!  Happy Thanksgiving!