Sand Hill Thicket

Tales of stunning sunsets, happy sheep, and peace and quiet on a 10-acre farm in Northeastern Kansas.



Bok Choy + Eggs = Egg Foo Yung

It was time to harvest some bok choy. I think I will grow some bean sprouts so we can make egg foo yung.

First Frost – It’s That Time, Already

Well, we received our first frost already. Actually, we had a frost on Monday AND Tuesday morning. A double whammy.

Fall Kitchen Garden

The fall kitchen garden has been planted, and I'm crossing my fingers that things grow big and luscious.

My Farming Filosophy

First things first, I need to answer your question: why farm? It's about sustainable living, nature, doing it yourself, a simpler way of life, knowing where your food comes from, and the animals.

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