It will freeze here tonight at Sandhill Flats. Apparently the wind chill could be as cold as 19°F. NWS admitted it, even though they are forecasting the low as only 34°F. To think this is central Florida. Sheesh!

Hence, as the temperature is already dropping, I’ve been out covering sensitive vegetation and the well head. (I can’t wait for the little tiki hut to be built over the well head so I don’t have to cover it when it freezes anymore!)

Also, it was time to harvest some bok choy! Now I’m wishing for beef oxtails or shanks so I could make Chamorro beef kadu with baby bok choy over white jasmine rice. I could eat the heck out of that on this chilly day! I think I will grow some bean sprouts so we can make egg foo yung instead. Meanwhile, to the fridge with this bok choy! 

The sheep love this weather, so it’s great for them. The people just get grumpy and get in the hottub… I have to keep telling myself we need the chill hours.