Recently two mated pairs of sandhill cranes have decided to start spending the night in our pastures, and they’ve been getting more and more daring.  I think one of the pairs is the same pair that occasionally shows up in the late afternoon to poke around (literally, they provide great aeration for the soil) in the horse pasture and drink from the horse trough.  However, they’ve never been nose-to-nose with Feta sheep until now!


At first the sheep didn’t notice how close the cranes were, but once they did, they moved in for a closer look.


Then they were too close for comfort, so one of the older ewes, Rhea, decided to get nosy.



That’s when Feta sheep (the most aggressive ewe of the flock) decided to show them who’s boss.

Strangely, that set off the pair of cranes, and they danced and danced with each other after that!  Feta and Rhea just watched the silliness…