The lemons are ready!  Success!  That means we can make: lemon meringue pie, lemon squares, lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon filled beignets, lemon poppy seed cake, lemon cookies, lemon cocktails, etc., etc.   (Insert shrimp flashbacks from Forest Gump here.)  So far, the lemonade is pretty darn good.

I learned so much about the Citrus Greening this summer in my Master Gardener Training that I’ve been paranoid about all of my citrus trees.  I was sure they all have it.  Meanwhile, the Meyer Lemon gave off almost three times the lemons shown in the picture above, the Key Lime that died back completely to the ground in the Spring of 2015 gave off enough limes to  make a pie, and the tangerine has an excuse since it hasn’t made it to the age of maturity (it isn’t a dwarf like the others).

I think I got lucky since we had so much rain earlier this year, they got fertilized once or twice, and I kept the grass removed from around the trunks.  The Meyer had a thripps attack this last Spring, but it didn’t miss a beat.

I have six eggs left from before the chicken molt, and the lemon meringue pie is getting them!  The rest of the lemons will be consumed in various ways, but the remainder of the juice will be frozen back.

Fall 2016 193.jpg