I admittedly have a track record of “finishing” projects 95% of the way before I move onto something else. As long as the product is functional, I always seem to get sidetracked from doing the finishing touches! I really want to curb that kind of behavior and really start finishing things to 100%.

A lot of this stems from the sudden urge to make something or the want to make capital improvements and using the DIY solution. That’s how I still haven’t finished the bricks in the lanai (because I don’t have enough polymeric sand left to finish), the bricks for the front planter (because the chickens come behind me and remove any mulch I put down), the pulls on the kitchen cabinets (because what’s the rush), the towel and toilet paper bars in the bathrooms (because I couldn’t find my laser level and then I saw something shiny and ran off to investigate), and the part of the ceiling where the air conditioning pan overflowed (I was waiting for the first application of putty to dry and just haven’t come back to it).

I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve actually finished lately! These are products of surrounding myself with productive people, forcing myself to focus and not get interrupted too much until I’m done, and practicing follow through.

My maternal grandmother was a sewing goddess (my mother, too), and she used to make me homemade pillowcases with fun novelty fabric. So, I hath made a pillowcase for the teenager who has a strange penguin addiction. Behold:

Recently, when we all took a road trip to the Pioneer Fiber Mill to take a tour and drop off a couple of fleeces, I just had to buy a hank. I just happened to have a crochet hook in my bag, and I crocheted all the way home from New Smyrna Beach, annoying each occupant of the truck with my incessant counting of stitches. However, I hath completed my skull cap beanie! More proof that I can actually finish things!