I just want to say, there are just some things you can’t do yourself. This crew has worked hard all week on the barn, and it’s almost done. We wouldn’t have been able to erect this structure by ourselves in under 60 days!

I’m so excited! However, I can’t stop thinking about all the barn accessories I’m going to need and want and how expensive they’re going to be. There are so many things to think about like stalls, stall mats, aisleway footing, putting in the floor for the tack room, framing in the tack room, installing a light fixture and some high speed fans, having utilities brought in, etc. I’m a bit overwhelmed!

Good news is that at least we have some tools to help the animals “camp out” inside the barn. We already have some stall mats, metal corral panels, and extension cords. At least we won’t have to go through another Bruce the Blizzard without shelter!

I’m really pleased with the opaque panels on the south wall of the barn. I think it will be very helpful giving a lot of natural light inside the barn. That’s something at least!

We will most likely be building the stalls by hand, so that will be challenging. I need to do some serious research on stall plans so that we can make sure the stalls are built for the long-term. I think we are going to make the stalls very open so the animals can reach and touch each other; especially because of the interspecies marriage that the horse and the alpha ram (Tzatziki) have! They have to be able to kiss each other’s noses, and the horse has to be able to scratch Tzatziki’s back! (I should post a video of that…)