Am I the only one who travels with fleece-in-the-grease? Actually, probably! When I knew I was going to be at Walter Reed for prosthetic and gait training for 4-8 weeks, I knew I was going to be homesick. So, I packed Ixora’s entire fleece, my combs, and a diz!

How did I accomplish such a thing without stinking up my luggage? An extra large vacuum sweater bag! In the end, it’s like a giant ziploc. So, no stinky hotel room.

Here, I will show you how easy it is to scour wool right in your hotel room. Then you can happily start combing wool and making roving while you are traveling. Personally, it has become part of my evening routine to diz a full comb of wool before I hit the hay!

You will need a disposable tupperware, a bottle of Dawn Ultra, combs, diz, and a hotel room.

Step 1: Stuff your disposable tupperware with fleece-in-the-grease.

Ixora’s fleece-in-the-grease.

Step 2: Take the fleece-in-the-grease out of the disposable tupperware. Run the water in your hotel sink until it is as hot as it can get and fill your disposable tupperware within a couple of inches of the rim. Then squirt quite a bit of Dawn Ultra into the hot water and stir. Be careful and try not to make any bubbles. When the water is faintly blue, stuff the fleece-in-the-grease down under the water. Do not agitate or it will felt your fleece. Let sit until water is lukewarm.

Dirty fleece soaking in a Dawn Ultra bath.

Step 3: Remove the fleece, hold in both hands, and hold under cold running water to rinse. You may press the fleece together once or twice while rinsing to see if all the soap is out. Do not wring or agitate or you will felt your fleece. When it is sufficiently rinsed, press as much of the water out as you can. You may repeat Step 2, if your fleece is extra filthy. Here, I have scoured my fleece twice, but you can see how clean it had already gotten.

Scouring wool for a second time.

Step 4: Find a nice, clean white hand towel and start shaking out the scoured locks. This will dislodge any loose vegetable matter and you can then shake out the towel in the trash can.

Shaking veg matter out of damp, clean locks.

Step 5: Find the hotel room’s hair dryer and accelerate drying, if you are impatient.

Step 6: Once completely dry, you can begin to comb!

Clean wool locks.
Combing scoured wool locks.