It was a rough lambing for me this year as we had a lot of plump 3-year-old ewes giving birth to their first lambs and they all lambed several days early (before their time) within 6 days of each other. All while I was working part-time (virtually/remotely), trying to digest what was happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing for lockdown, and wondering when the Husband was going to deploy (he is still on hot standby). I lost 2 out of 11 lambs, which was heart breaking.

However, it has been a wonderful distraction once we got past the two week mark! 2020 is the year of the black ewe-lambs! We’ve been waiting and wanting black lambs, always wondering if the next lamb would be that elusive black lamb!

I attribute all of this good luck to my new hat my friend from Florida knitted me for Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful! She is sooo talented! She even knitted a black sheep into the hat for good luck and it worked!

So, let me introduce you to Raven, our first black lamb! (Well, there was another black lamb before her, but she was stillborn.) Anyways, she is quite frisky, full of energy, and has the best facial expressions!

We have another black lamb with a white blaze, and we shall call her Warbler as she is very melodious when she talks. Her sister was chocolate with a white blaze. Her name was Bebee.

Bebee was born with a birth defect, so we ended up having to euthanize her, but not before she had a few days of warmth and attention in the house. In hind sight, I shouldn’t have gotten so attached (i.e., brought her in the house and put a onesie on her) as I knew she might not make it. We enjoyed her short little life though. She was so affectionate and adorable! She is in “sheep heaven” now, frolicking and taking long naps in the sunshine in tall, green grass…