Since the CDC recently recommended that everyone wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether they have symptoms or not, I wanted to share with you a great mask pattern that the Husband’s coworker (a D.O.) found. I researched other patterns, but ultimately decided I liked the Asian pattern she had shared the best (this lady clearly has a lot of experience in creating a face mask that has a good design and fit and is simple to make). Ultimately, while the CDC recommends wearing DIY masks, the Husband’s clinic requires it. There are many healthcare institutions that are moving in this direction.

I’ve been making 2 masks a day (on average) to donate to the healthcare providers at the clinic. Now, I’m happy to report I’m up to making 4 per day! They are very appreciative of the donations. My girlfriend in Missouri has me beat and frequently can finish 7 masks in one day! I’m too busy for that, so she has me beat!

Since all of America seems to be out of the appropriate elastic (out of stock mostly everywhere), I’ve taken to the crochet hook to make the straps as you know I have tons of yarn! Seems to be working well, and I’ve even had feedback it is preferred as the elastic was causing discomfort behind sensitive ears.

Question for you: I’d love to know how many masks you are able to make per day with everything going on in your life? #FaceMasksForAll #FlattenTheCurve