We have left three ram lambs intact this year. So, round about mid-July we will have to pull them from their dams and run them in their own mob until they come up to weight. They need to basically reach close to market weight (140 lbs.) before they go in with the mature rams.

I do worry about the biggest ram lamb as he only has scurs. Our tertiary ram has scurs and is always getting injured (scurs pounded to mush) when he spars with the primary and secondary rams as they both have great horns. There is a definite hierarchy between the three and their two wethers. So, these new ram lambs need to be as heavy as they can be when they get introduced into the ram paddock.

Polled intact ram lamb on left and big intact ram lamb with scurs on right.

Currently, these three are weighing in at around 50-55 lbs. One of the other ram lambs is polled and the other has great horns. I don’t worry as much about them as I do about the one with scurs.

I’m thinking they might be able to go in by mid-September. I know this is a hot topic, so I will keep you updated!