Even though we are in the throes of winter now, the days are already getting longer. Yes, it’s cold. The stock ponds are frozen over. It can be very dreary and monochromatic this time of the year. No, we haven’t had any good ice storms or blizzards, yet. However, I’ve already seen the light at the end of the tunnel!

It wasn’t the crocus already peeping through; I’ve counseled them, as I brushed soil over their tops, and explained that they need to wait as it’s not time just yet. Nor the buds on the trees, which are slowly forming and readying themselves for that last, mad final push when the warmth and sun persist long enough.  Twasn’t the bees still buzzing deep inside their hive, who got angry when I recently opened the lid to check on them on a warm afternoon. I thought I faintly heard them screeching, “Close the door! You’re letting the cold in!” Not even the new feathers on the hens; an indicator that nature is undergoing a period of hibernation and also one of renewal.

So, what’s this proverbial light at the end of the tunnel I saw, you ask? It’s the hope of soon not having to buy anymore store-bought eggs as they’ve been absolutely horrid! Look what I saw yesterday afternoon!

The first egg after the molt!