I’ve decided I want to learn to needle felt.

I was aiming to make a penguin for my first project. However, before I could begin, I needed to dye my wool to get all the colors needed. I already had a black fleece the Husband brought me when he got back from shearing school at Shepherd’s Cross, and of course I had white already, but I still needed orange and yellow.

So, I decided to use some of the Gaywool acid dyes he also brought back for me. I ended up with a not so beautiful brownish yellow and a darker color, which the Husband refers to as baby-poop green. I was a little disappointed. I’m sure they’ll be useful for something though!

Then to make orange, I used the water from parboiled carrots, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of paprika, and half a yellow onion skin. It turned out more goldenrod than anything, but it might be able to pass for orange in some people’s eyes.

The Shepherd’s Cross fleece combed and a few bird nests.
What was supposed to be “yellow”…
Baby-poop green and the “orange”, which seems more goldenrod, really.
“Yellow”, baby-poop green, and “orange” in front. Does that “yellow” look like a penguin beak? Could the “orange” pass for penguin feet?
Not sure the roving I’ve created even remotely looks like it could morph into one of these penguins…

I’m still questing for a better yellow and maybe a stronger orange! Our anniversary is around the corner and the Husband just gifted me a box with a full color palette of acid dyes inside! So, excited to experiment some more!