Oh my, I never thought we’d shear that last sheep, but we’ve finally finished!

This is the most sheep we’ve ever sheared in a season. We’ve got a pretty good system down now: we team shear, trim hooves, vaccinate, and worm, if necessary. We worked on 2-3 sheep/day since we are both out of shape! Winter makes us weak.

We are now entirely surrounded by bags of wool, the sheep are semi-out-to-pasture, and I’m planning my “escape”. It’s that time of the year when we work to get the electric mesh all situated, the hay feeding has fully stopped until November, and we take a bit of a “vacation” from tending the sheep so closely. Yay!

The best part of shearing this year was discovering the wool from the twin ram lambs born in Spring 2020. Their wool was absolutely shocking! Their lamb fleeces beat the ewe lamb fleeces by almost double the staple length. The future wool genes of this flock just got kicked up a notch!

None of our other intact rams have a fleece with this long a staple length and luster! Tzatziki and Coon are hereby retired and the next breeding job goes to Hawk or Heron. It’s been decided.

Hawk’s first fleece. Wow! I’m very pleased!