So, I have one washed fleece and four raw fleeces, and I have no clue what to do with it all.  They were my first shear jobs, and not that great.  One of the fleeces is epic though – Feta sheep’s fleece.  It’s beautiful.


It’s also almost shearing time.  I have nine sheep to shear this year.  I need to send my combs and cutters in for sharpening SOON!  This year will be easier than last year.  Now I know what I’m doing.

As for the processing, carding, and spinning of wool – I’m still pretty clueless.  I’ve been watching a million YouTube videos on how to scour (wash) wool, card and/or comb wool, make roving and rolags, how to spin the wool, set the twist, ply the yarn, and then wind skeins, and, finally, how to dye wool with natural dyes.  I’m overwhelmed.

I mean, I’m just now figuring out sheep management and getting it streamlined, I’ve got lambs due at the end of February, and I’m thinking about a border collie puppy.  I’ve got my hands full with that!

Just thinking about what to do with the wool is making me slightly exasperated.  I’ve been trying to figure out what hand carders to buy, since they cost and arm and a leg for a decent pair.  In the end, I went with something that could be considered an heirloom some day – hand made carders from Sarafina Fiber Art.  They are gorgeous, soft, and easy to use.


And so now I’m slightly interested in needle felting, and I’m working on collecting a few needles so that I have a few tools to play with.  I’ve also taken up spinning on a drop spindle.  Stay tuned for a post about THAT!  Geeze, it’s rocket science getting a consistent yarn…