In my optimistic opinion, spring has sprung! (I really hope it doesn’t freeze again!) We have been enjoying temperatures in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night. There have been great heavy fogs that last late into the mornings, which have been watering the new grass. I really hope that the weather holds, and that it continues to occasionally rain, as I’m almost out of hay for the sheep!

Every year it’s hard to take the sheep off welfare – ahem, erm – I mean, hay! They get so used to the handouts and take a long time to really acknowledge the new grass growth. (The horse is easier – she’ll quit her hay on her own.) I feel so guilty giving the sheep less and less hay…

The grass is lovely though! It would be super nice if this is just an extremely warm and early spring. As long as it keeps up with the rain!

Here is my new favorite ewe-lamb, Magnolia, posing for her mugshot!

“This is a sheep-mugging: gimmie your food?!”
Geeze, Magnolia, such big bites for a little lady…