Toto, we’re not in Florida anymore! The ewes have landed and have been taste-testing the grasses and weeds in Kansas for the last 10 days. They’ve also been through a really severe thunder storm already. We had 60-70 mph winds and a t-storm night before last. No hail, thankfully.

When we first got to the new house, they had gotten so used to their trailer, they kept hopping back in for the shade. It was very cute. They did really good for having to drive for 24+ hours. We stopped in Memphis for about 6 hours to just park and rest overnight.

My favorite part was when we were in Memphis, and I brought my plastic tarp, a sleeping mat, and my sleeping bag into the back of the trailer with the ewes, and I had to bivouac out while a t-storm went over head! The ewes were like, what are you doing? I won’t ever forget sleeping in the trailer with the ewes while it rained with thunder and lightning.

The rams are next!