Well, the weeds are growing fast now! Meanwhile, we just got 2 inches of rain, which we desperately needed for the grass as it was down to the quick. It’s time for these ewes to do some weed whacking!

I decided to order a set of new 48″ tall all-season electric mesh from Premier1, which they tout will keep out the coyotes, and try it out down here before I take it with me to Kansas. So far I like it better than my ElectroNet mesh from Premier1. The PermaNet has smaller holes so I don’t think a chicken can waltz through like they do with the ElectroNet. The posts are also beefier and it stands up real nice. I’m hoping the double spike will go into the ground in Kansas sans the rubber mallet. Here, I absolutely have to have double spike because I live in a freaking sand dune! I also got the positive/negative type, so when it’s super dry out anybody who comes in contact with it will still get zapped. That’s a must.

I’ve strapped the new mesh to the old mesh and opened up access to the “pond” that was underwater after Hurricane Irma. Most of the grass in and around the pond was drowned and now the weeds are out of control. (The standing water and pond have been dried up since December.) Hopefully those ewes can focus and get things trimmed up out there before we move.

I’m thinking I have enough old mesh leftover and a spare energizer that I could bring a couple sheep into the yard to mow! That’s one thing I learned after the Irma Flood; it’s helpful to have sheep mow the yard. No gas-powered lawnmower needed!

I’ve also started thinking about the pattern for my new full length coat with a hood that I’m going to make and trim with real coyote fur. The sheep never knew their shepherd had the skills of Annie Oakley!