Did I mention how much I hate moving?  I think I’m up over 30 moves already in my pathetic lifetime so far.  My parents moved us around a lot, I moved me around a lot, and my husband moved us around a lot, too.   What this translates into is I haven’t fully unpacked from the last move (even though it was four years ago), and I haven’t had the chance to hang up everything on the walls in several moves – it’s pointless.

Now I’m supposed to pack everything else back up again?!  ARG!  I’m not a happy camper.

I am overwhelmed with house repairs, new house issues, trips to the dump, trips to donate unwanted items, animal transportation preparation, packing, cleaning, advanced logistics, a very tight and detailed timeline, and I still have to work 25 hours per week.  Excuse me, but my brain is about to explode.  So, if you feel like this post is just an angry, frustrated vent, then you’re right, it is!

I know that this is all about getting priorities straight and using time wisely, but when every task is basically as important as the next, it’s a definite challenge!  However, I am famous for being able to move multiple horizontal priorities forward simultaneously.  I ought to be able to do this, right?!  This is my Everest, which is pathetic.  The summit is in about two weeks, and I’ve only packed a dozen boxes!

Did I mention I don’t want to go to Kansas?  My onions are growing nicely finally!  Also, my green onions, leeks, and beets.  I won’t get to eat any muscadine grapes this year, and it looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop!  I feel so interrupted.

Did I mention who is super excited to go to Kansas, but doesn’t even know it yet?  The sheep!  They can’t wait.  The grass is slim at best here right now.  The Kansas pasture is calling their names. I’ve ordered more electric mesh fencing.  We just have to get there.