Okay, so it’s gorgeous here in the fall. We’ve been having epic fall weather, too. Not very windy, warmish, sunny, leaves every warm color under the rainbow…

Today the cloud ceiling is down so low, it seems like a blanket over everything. It’s not too cold, but the wind is blowing and it’s drizzling. It’s one of those days where a big, hot latte isn’t enough – I had to brew a whole pot of coffee and leave it on the warmer.

If I sit too still here inside the house, I am slowly turning purple from the cold. I need to be wrapped up in a cozy blanket on the couch, but work is weighing down on me.

Halloween has come and gone. I never carved my pumpkin. However, the house was all decked out in creepy… I expect the weather will only degrade from here on out.

The fencing estimate came back… It was comparable to Florida. It’s just a lot of money. They are starting tomorrow.

The contractor has the okay to move dirt to do the site prep for the barn, but he hasn’t showed up yet. He is tardy and says his CAT is in the shop. Hoping for a barn before Thanksgiving, and at most before Christmas!

The leaves on our oaks are turning and falling now. I got tank heaters for all of the troughs, and bought a heavy duty turnout rug for the horse. The chickens are molting. I’m almost done planting all of the bulbs. I have one more tree to plant. Winter is coming. And tomorrow is the Outlander premiere!