Well, I’m trying to get a head-start on my garden this year. I am determined not to miss a single season! So, I got some grow lights and I will be performing some experiments by starting my veggies and herbs from seeds indoors.

My budget was initially a lot higher and I was going to buy a giant plant rack kit with lights, but then I decided I had a lot of extra room, exposed rafters, and could save a lot of money by just piecing things together. I chose 2 600W Roleadro full spectrum LED lights with UV and IR pucks, an iPower heated plant mat with a thermostat (effective), a bunch of Koram clear seed trays (very nifty and reusable), and a new surge protector. I’m impressed how inexpensive LED grow lights have become! Now we have to see if they work!

New LED lights seem bright! I like these better than the old pinkish/purple LED grow lights.
These Koram seed trays as so cool. They seem pretty heavy duty and could last for multiple seasons.
I’m using Miracle Grow Potting Soil with Moisture Control for my substrate.
Starting with a 22-24″ drop between light and soil surface. Might tweak this as they start growing.

Because I spent less than I budgeted, I decided to buy seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (expensive). We will see if they are more amazing than Burpee and Ferry-Morse. I have expectations that every little seed will germinate.

I have 10 more trays and 2 flats to plant, so I will post an update in a week as I expect the wee little seedlings should be up by next Monday!