Well, you’ve been asking for an update, so here it is! The low tunnel AKA “COVID-19 victory” garden has been planted. I think that’s what I will call my gardens from now on – my COVID-19 (coronavirus) victory gardens. Oh, the suspense (to see if the tunnel yields any produce)!

So, we last left off with me bending pipes. After that, I went and dug around like an armadillo in my compost pile to see what there was. Turns out we’ve been here for almost two years now, and my compost pile is over a year old. I was thrilled when I dug and found pretty much perfect compost with worms wending their way through!

Then I had to lug several tubs back over to the tunnel because I wasn’t sure how much I could do (decided to forgo filling an entire dump trailer). I did use my dad’s Rustler, so that helped, but it was heavy to lift in/out of the Rustler! I got that done on the 23rd.

Then I twisted the arm of the Husband and got him to till it in and see if he could get any deeper down as he was previously stopped by the frost line. He did get a little deeper as it had warmed up somewhat.

On the 29th, I went and gathered me little baby plants and got dirty! It was a little tough to plant as it was intensely windy (not the best day to erect a low tunnel) and I hadn’t had a chance to harden off the seedlings! So, we got the poly on and then I crawled inside to plant the seedlings! A bit tough, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I still have all the onions and beets to plant in the top garden as well as the collards that are going in nextdoor to the tunnel. I hope to plant them this weekend. I held off because we had 3 days of 30 mph winds with 45 mph gusts and VERY low humidity.

Also, I ended up having to roll up the poly to avoid everything blowing away!

Some of the leaves did end up with sunburn, but I think they will pull through. They’re growing FAST!