The shearing is done, the ewes and lambs have been turned out onto spring and summer pasture, and I don’t have to feed hay anymore! Yay! If you are interested in fleece, let me know!

Warbler amuses herself on an overturned hay bowl. She has her own circus act.

That was a long haul. I think I’ve been carting around round-bale hay in hay nets morning and night for six months now. Phew! It’s like I’m on vacation now!

Now, it’s time to plant, plant, plant. Lots of planting to be done on the property, in the garden, and in the landscaping. We just planted almost 50 more native golden currant bushes, transplanted 6 river birch trees, and planted 3 dozen annuals and a dozen perennials in the landscaping.

This week we already received over 25 more perennials for the landscaping and are awaiting another shipment of a couple dozen more perennials, fruit trees, and brambles to come in.

After we plant all that, maybe we will take a break until fall, other than veggie gardening.