So, it has been a LONG while since I have worked on the spinning wheel and I want to finish staining it and putting it together.

I looked at the shipping invoice and it is dated February of 2018! That was right before we found out we were moving to Kansas. Talk about getting interrupted! It’s been a LONG interruption; busy with off-farm work, getting acclimated to crazy Kansas winters, amputation, prosthetic and gait training, and the pandemic.

I have a bit of time where I can start to focus for a little while before I have to go back to Walter Reed to see my surgeon, get my prosthetics updated, and touch base with physical therapy again. I need to spend several weeks out there this time. Have to make sure my residual limb is doing okay and all my prosthetics are just right as I’m hoping not to have to go back again for a year or more.

As you can see, I have a lot more staining left to do before I can assemble the darned thing! Interesting short story. It seems that when I packed the items out of the lanai in Florida (where I was last staining the pieces), the can of stain ended up in a plastic tub (with outdoor gardening tools, sprinklers, etc.) that’s been sitting out on our front porch here in Kansas for the last three years – through all the hot and cold fluctuations and all of the summers and winters. I didn’t fancy using that stain to finish the spinning wheel as the can even seems to be rusting!

So, I started looking for a new can of stain. Sure enough, it seems the type and color of stain I’d been using had been discontinued! Luckily, the internet came to the rescue and I found a can of the stain in a hardware store (Hatchet Hardware) out in New York state and they shipped it to me in Kansas! Phew! Crisis averted.

Can’t wait to start learning to spin and start using some of this combed top I’ve been making!