When we lived on the U.S. Territory of Guam, the locals would use the carabao to “do bush cutting”. Back stateside, we would probably refer to that as weed whacking and we would use a weed whacker.

Well, here on the farm, we don’t use a weed whacker – we like to use the sheep.

So, for the next few days, we are having the ewes do some serious bush cutting! We need to pull apart the old chicken coop area, dismantle part of the old chicken house, and muck it out. It’ll be a lot easier with all the tall grass, weeds, and small trees to be munched down and trimmed.

We have a new Omlet Eglu that’s going to go under the old chicken house, which is where the ducks will live. We are also going to move our older Omlet Eglu that houses the chickens down there as well, as the chickens will soon be fenced out from around the house.

We are putting up an inner yard fence around the house and I’m so excited! That means I can use mulch in the garden beds around the house, line the garden beds with bricks, and have proper landscaping. I haven’t been able to do that because of chickens. Anytime you mulch anything, the chickens will un-mulch it for you. Anytime you make a pile of anything, the chickens will spread it out for you. Quite annoying!