The pumpkins are out of control! A vine came back from last year, which I think is either pumpkins or large orange gourds. It’s taken over the ewe paddock outside their stall door.

There are scores of baby pumpkins on its many vines. I’ve also planted jarrahdale pumpkins and about four or five vines came up there as well, and they are moving out to take over the grass and climbing up the fence.

Pumpkin vines in ewe paddock.

I also planted jarrahdale pumpkins along the sides of the hay bales where discarded hay composted over the summer. They are very prolific as well. One huge pumpkin in the works! Fingers crossed!

Jarrahdale vines next to hay bales.

This is the time of year I control weeds by mowing. I don’t spray, except when I have thistle wars – and then it’s very targeted with a wand and jug. I really needed to rejuvenate the horse paddock this year because she got the slobbers.

I managed to get the horse paddock back in shape after corraling the horse for six weeks and feeding her hay. I mowed (using my mulching mower) at the beginning of the six weeks and then again about four weeks later, before I let her loose again (only during the day) after the end of six weeks. Grass is growing a lot better now. It was nearly confluent in ragweed!

I mowed part of the ram pasture in late July, and then again just this week. The ragweed had taken over in there as well. Very nice grass underneath. The mulching basically acts like a fertilizer application, so now we just need some rain to kickstart the grass a little before the season really turns. We still get a lot of grass growth in September and October until the first couple of frosts hit.

I did the same thing to the ewe paddock last year, and the grass in there has gone crazy this summer. It’s so thick and lush! Not very much ragweed in there this year – so it works! It’s a good way to manage these sacrifice areas and really keep them in shape.

Now it’s time to put up more electric mesh so the ewes can graze the front yard, which is very overgrown in weeds. The maintenance light is also flashing on my mower, so time for oil change, new air filter, and new blades – then I’m ready for next year. Next, I must focus on the Third Annual Muckout of the sheep stalls. Compost time!