It’s a dreary day and we might have severe storms and/or heavy rain later.

Emma Mitchell, author of The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us – A Diary, says to lift your mood, go and try to create a catalog of something visually cheery. I took a saunter around the barnyard and house and picked a few things. I could definitely do this with leaves, too, as the colors are violent.

I’m not sure I have all the IDs correct, but I think these are (from the left): chicory, cat mint, butterfly bush, red clover, white flower of some sort, rambling rose, tea rose, and rudbeckia Little Goldstar.

I cannot believe these are all still in bloom on the 10th of November! I even saw bees yesterday. We keep having these warm snaps and then all of the ladybugs come out from hibernation and fly around all confused.