As some of you may know, it is difficult to have a holiday birthday.

If you’re NOT lucky, people wrap your presents in Christmas wrapping paper and also give you significantly less presents or presents that are supposed to double as Christmas AND birthday presents all-in-one. No one born any other time of the year has these problems. It’s definitely not fair. This is the curse of being born in December or January.

The Husband had a birthday today, and because I also have a holiday birthday, I made sure to get him birthday (extra) presents and not wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper (I used the other side of the holiday paper). I also made him a non-Christmas themed birthday treat/dessert…okay, it was SORT of seasonal! Give me a break!

Behold, his Bourbon-Praline Cheesecake from the recipe in the December 2020 Christmas Double Issue of Southern Living. He loves cheesecake and I absolutely suck as baking cheesecakes. Be kind.