Let’s be clear, cookie decorating has become an art.

Cookie decorating is not my strong suit. The Husband’s youngest sister is REALLY good at it – very talented. Personally, I wanted to at least learn how to pipe an outer edge and flood the cookie with one color. That’s it. The Husband, always wanting to humor me, got me reusable piping bags for Christmas.

Getting the consistencies correct for the outer piping and the inner icing seems to be VERY complicated to me…

I’ve been practicing all afternoon and tried two different kinds of royal icing. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. Go easy on me, it’s my first time!

I really feel like the sheep on the bottom right KNOWS something, don’t you?

Shout out to all those talented cookie decorators out there! You have my respect. I will never complain about the price of a hand-decorated cutout cookie, ever.