Our sand hill plum trees have set an inordinate amount of plums for the first time in our thicket and hedgerow. We are very excited because we’ve been waiting for this since we got here four years ago. I can’t wait to make sand hill plum jelly, etc.

Last year the trees set a very small amount of fruit and we had a taste, but this year the trees set a huge amount of blossoms. Pollinators of every variety came to check out the blossoms, but believe it or not, honey bees were NOT the stars of the show. These tiny, little bees (not sure what kind) came in droves to drink up and pollinate the blossoms.

So many blossoms bloomed in early April, before any other plant or tree.
Loaded down with fruit!

As soon as they ripen, it will be a race between the birds and I. I will be madly canning jelly. I think I might need a cherry pitter!

Our young hedgerow filled with sand hill plum trees, spice bushes, elderberry bushes, and Eastern redbud trees. The bushes and trees have sent up many new shoots from their roots, but they are hard to see.