I’m too busy with other projects and I really don’t want to use the push-mower or weed-whacker. Next act: rams and wethers trim the garden area.

The rams and wethers have been hard at work all spring weed-whacking for me. We are almost ready to remove the silage tarp from our attempt at a no-till garden, but it is a jungle around the site. So, I’ve let my boys into the area to trim it up before we plant.

I don’t know if the tarp has been on long enough, but I can’t wait to peel it back and get started using this new garden site. Even if it isn’t all dead under the tarp, growth has been seriously inhibited, which would then make it a lot easier to till (if needed).

The rams and wethers have already done a great job of tidying up around our compost piles and keeping the weeds down in front of the barn. They should have this job done in day or two. No lawn mower needed!

They’ve almost disappeared!