It feels so good to be done with shearing! We feel so accomplished. We figure this must be how it feels to finish a full marathon.

The sheep have all been shorn, vaccinated, and had their hooves trimmed. They are officially out on summer pasture, which means I am officially on summer vacation until the Great Annual Muck Out begins. Meanwhile, time to get busy gardening.

The ewes out on their summer pasture. They look like little deer this time of the year.

I will be posting on Ravelry soon with fleece for sale. Hawk’s first adult fleece was epic just like his baby fleece from last year. It will be offered at a higher price because it’s totally worth it – it’s like the pot at the end of a rainbow. Whoever gets to enjoy this treasure and make something out of it will not be disappointed! Heron’s fleece (Hawk’s twin) turned out very nice as well.

I’m going to list all of the fleeces for sale this year as I believe all wool has a use. So, the prices will vary between the “longwool” fleeces and the felt/stuffing/mulch wool. Those listed as felt/stuffing/mulch either have a shorter staple length, weigh significantly less, or are generally more suited for fiber crafts and uses other than for spinning and will therefore have a lower price.

Stay tuned!