It’s been an interesting shearing season! We’ve sheared in the cold, after the rain, in high humidity, in extreme heat, and surrounded by cats.

The cats were there to annoy us every step on the way. They love the smell of a good stinky sheep fleece. It stinks so good to them; it stinks as good as catnip.

The cats were either right in the thick of things, winding around our ankles as we wrestled sheep, laying against the fleece, or passed out in sheer bliss. Turns out they love our new shearing floor, too, because it is a cool place to nap on a hot and humid day.

Zoey airing her belly fluff on a hot afternoon.

I thought I would share with you these shearing cats. The life of a spoiled indoor/outdoor cat – there are no worries – except when they get chastised for even thinking about catching a swallow or a chickadee. Zoey and Orange were reprimanded more than once for trying to pull one out of the air as the swallows swooped and chased each other around the posts inside the barn as if they were pylons in a race.

Orange, passed out on the shearing floor.

We are almost done shearing – three sheep to go!