I thought I’d update you on the sourdough starters.  I have two starters, and I call them my Creatures. There is a cider Creature and a regular Creature. They are both super tasty at this point.

I made these addicting cheesy garlic sourdough breadsticks using King Arthur’s sourdough pizza dough recipe (minus the pizza dough flavoring) and the Cider Creature.

I also recently made a pizza topped with bacon, mushrooms, and green onions on marinara sauce with the regular Creature.  I always make my marinara sauce fresh, cool it a little, ladle it right onto the pizza dough, add mozzarella and toppings, and put it straight into the oven.  (Fresh basil is key to marinara sauce; this is why basil plants must be in constant production here at Sandhill Flats.)  We need to give the regular Creature more time to grow, as it wasn’t as flavorful as the Cider Creature.

My Creatures and I have a relationship going now, and I’m hoping it will only continue to sour.  The more sour, the better, as we are all pizza adicts here…