So, it’s been very dry here this spring. NWS says we are in a severe drought now. I’ll say! It’s mighty crispy here, and we have a wildfire burning a few miles to our east in the Richloam as I write this. However, somehow, blackberries have been thriving right under my nose.

It has been this spring, after living here for three years, that I discovered that we have our very own wild blackberry bramble! What a discovery! I was out walking beneath the ancient, great live oaks in our south pasture when I discovered blackberries everywhere.

Picking commenced, and Feta sheep promptly interrogated me to see what the heck I was doing. I mused she most likely thought I was insane for putting my hands all over the plants and not burying my face in them and grazing. She was quite perplexed about what I was up to, but then promptly lost interest and went to find some forbes.

We got quite a bit of blackberries in the first and second weekend, which culminated in wild blackberry scones. No, if you know me even a little, you know you cannot have the recipe; over my dead body. It’s trade secret and has made me infamous in many circles. They are SOOOO good!