Around here, it’s all about “lanai-time” for our indoor tigers and lions! It’s what makes it all bearable. Heaven forbid you forget to give them each at least 20 minutes of lanai-time each day! Kitties are sharp!

They love to bask in the heat and early morning sun, and hunt lizards on the outsides of the screens or the occasional one trapped inside. It’s very good stimulus for the lazy, bored indoor cat looking to beat too much air conditioning on a hot summer day. We are trying very hard not to become professional butlers for our spoiled and furry roomates. 

Jealousy is rampant already, however. If you go to sit with one pair in one lanai, and the other pair has not been let out into the other lanai, you will be punished by non-stop meows of complaint. (Sometimes this can persist for up to 30 minutes.) Best thing to do is: load cats in both lanais, if you want to enjoy your iced coffee in peace.

Not to change the subject, but the cat-days-of-summer also bring out the most beautiful of hybiscus. We have so many varieties growing here. I thought I would share their summer glory with you. For your viewing pleasure…