So, Halloween was fun. We made some party food, carved some pumpkins, let the Kid dress up, and played with our scary decor. The best part was the very end!

Witch’s Brew
Roasted Bat Wings
Baby Vampire Cocoons
Carving pumpkins.
Tasi Cat was strangely drawn to the pumpkins.

There I was standing outside in the dark in the cold, marveling over being able to see my breath at 11:00PM at night in Central Florida, when I heard a strange sound. It was so quiet and still, like it was going to snow at any minute, and I was waiting for the Husband to turn the projector on so I could help him get it framed right in the window. 

Our window from the outside.

I could hear someone sniffing loudly. Spooky enough that we were trying to put scary images on the inside of our window shade for the neighbors to see, but now I was no longer alone! Someone was there.

The moon wasn’t full last night and it was pretty dark other than around the window, but I could barely make out someone’s face down low near the edge of a bush! He was only 10 feet from me, and getting closer.

I had a momentary shudder, and then smiled. It was a juvenile oppossum! I had been so quiet and had been standing still for so long, he didn’t really know what to make of me. He peered up at me, sniffing loudly. He looked all around, came towards me a little more, the thought of rabies went through my mind. 

I realized he could smell freshly carved pumpkins in our front lanai, warmed by the candles that were making them glow in the dark. I laughed, thinking how much fun he was going to have getting into my compost bin to fetch pumpkin guts later.

Little buggar was the best part of Halloween…

So, I was going to paint a sugar skull on a white foam pumpkin today, but I’m not sure I’m going to have time. It would be a great addition to the decor every year. It might have to wait until next year. Time flies.