I am always incredulous when it frosts or freezes here in Florida. It just doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but it often happens here in Central Florida. Hence, we really have to watch the weather forecast so we are ready for it. What’s “ready for it” mean, you ask?

Well, we have to cover all of those sensitive plants that we planted hoping they would grow big enough to withstand a frost/freeze and hope they make it! If you ever want bananas, key limes, or asian greens to live long enough to produce so they can be eaten, you’ll put in the work! We also have to bring in some zone 10 plants that can’t make it through the cold of zone 8b, as well as all small potted starts and anything that is basically tender, young vegetation.

Then, after you do all that work, you turn on all the Christmas lights, build a roaring fire in the fireplace, drink a hot cup of cider, and hope for the best! Then you get up the next day and survey the damage.