There I was, minding my own business, getting hay for my sheep, when lo, under yonder pallet, a critter doth hissed! I screeched and laughed.  Hhheee’s bbbaaaccckkk!

Remember my Halloween scare? That same annoying juvenile oppossum has been hanging around the house, nimbly climbing through the cat flap into the garage for meals of cat kibble.  I mean, the cats are scared to death when a giant rat eats out of their food dish! I would be, too! He learned how to use that cat flap faster than any cat I’ve ever had…

We went on the defense and started gathering the cats in early at dusk and locking the cat flap. However, he didn’t leave. Instead, he took up residence in the hay stack, living under the pallets, and, most recently, under the tarp on top of the hay bales. For days, everytime I went to get hay, I would come face to face with him as he was napping on top of a bale at eye-level. He really is unafraid of humans. I had many a startle by him.

I haven’t seen him in 24 hours now, and our driveway doorbell has been going off at night. I am hopeful; maybe he has returned to his swamp? We think he is a Hurricane Irma refugee. The water has almost completely receeded and dried up; it really is time for him to go back to his homeland.