Most depressing thing ever this time of the year is having to put away Christmas decorations! The magnificent tree is dead, it’s the dead of the winter, it’s the end of a year and beginning of another. Same thing each year.

This year, these feelings are heightened due to the fact that we might have to move farm. It’s more likely that the next time I unpack the Christmas decor, it will be in another state on a different piece of property. I’m gonna be sick…

We don’t want to move, this is our home. However, sometimes you have to move for work. I keep thinking and reminding myself that “Home is where the heart is,” but that doesn’t help because our hearts are HERE! I’m a bit sick of adapting and being flexible, but must soldier on.

Anyways, I thought I’d share pictures of some of my hand-painted ornaments for your viewing pleasure. I’m thinking of painting some for profit, what do you think?