The build up of winter storm Grayson froze us good. After four nights of subfreezing all-night temperatures, all the plants are dead, dying, or hybernating. It got down to 25 here. I covered the bananas, bell peppers, the kitchen garden, and the key lime tree. I also brought in as many of my cold sensitive potted plants as I could. 

The garden and the bananas made it, but the key lime tree only has a few green leaves left and the bell peppers were relegated to being annuals. R.I.P. bellpeppers. The lime tree will recover, it always does. We will see if it sets fruit this year though.

The Meyer lemon tree took a beating. After we harvested over 100 lemons from the tree this year, it was severely burnt in the freezes. It has a lot of work to do this spring to grow lots of new leaves. I think my pygmy date palms have a lot of work, too. They will have to renew all their fronds.

At least we got another good picking of bellpeppers (and one lone tomato!) and the rest of the nice lemons before it froze.