Merry Christmas Eve! There isn’t anything like being snowed in curled up by the tree and fireplace in a fluffy blanket with a hot peppermint mocha. I don’t need to run out and go through a line to order one, I can make it right here at home. I am my own barrista!

Okay, I don’t have any snow (thank the ever-loving Lord), but I am far far away from a decent coffee house/hut/barrista. I’m not curled up in a blanket by any means (although I did sleep with a space heater on last night).  I think we can have a fire tomorrow as it will be chilly. This is Florida, don’t you know?

My coffee is just better; it’s really convenient, I can have it any time I want, I can have it my way, I never screw up my order, and I don’t have to pay the scaled-up price. All I need is a peppermint stick, some dark chocolate sauce, espresso, milk, real whipped cream, and some festive sprinkles! Now I’m set! Cheers!