Sandhill Flats Farm is moving: sheep, chickens, horse, cats, and all! The Husband got transferred to NE Kansas. We will start our farm move on or around June 1. It’s always an adventure with this guy!

Now begins the mad rush to pack, plan logistics, clean, repair, and be ready to set this circus up within hours of arrival. If I ever thought planning a wedding was tough or moving back Stateside with 600 lbs. of luggage, three cats, and living on the road for 30 days was hard – I think I’m having to eat my hat now.

I’m totally overwhelmed, tired before I even start, and completely pissed off to have to move farm to miserable old Kansas. Toto, I am not happy about this turn of events!

Right now my head is filled with swirling thoughts of how I wish I had a stud divider for my 3-horse slant stock combo trailer and wondering how crazy the Agricenter is in Memphis the first weekend in June. I can’t stop thinking about how long the drive will be and how big of hail my modular shelters can withstand. I need to have a small 4-stall barn put up before snow flies, but I’m not sure which is the best metal building company out there. I feel so blind.

I can’t stop being annoyed by people that ask us if we are going to take all of our animals with us! Of course we are, you silly people! What’s wrong with Americans today?

My only silver lining is looking forward to Midwestern soil; the gardening will be amazing and the grass and forbs should be excellent for the flock.