We are all moved! It’s taken me a while to sit down and admit this as it’s been “traumatic”. I returned to Kansas with the last load on June 29, and we didn’t finish unloading the truck until yesterday! I think I have PTSD from driving/hauling over 10,000 miles, but at least it’s done. Truth be told, I haven’t driven anywhere by myself since I got back, except into our little town 2 miles away. No, I don’t get “cabin fever”…I’m such a house cat.

I have a lot to write yet, but it’s going to take some time. A lot has been happening, and at the same time a lot has NOT been happening. Let’s start with new coping mechanisms first!

In Florida, I would take about an hour for myself in the mornings and have Lanai-time with the cats and some coffee. Well, in Kansas, there are no lanais. A shame, but I guess the endless wind would shred them?

Now, I take about an hour in the morning on the deck with a yoga mat and Tito the Terrorist. We also have a cup of coffee together and talk about all the pretty birds that fly by. We enjoy the bees buzzing and the butterflies sucking nectar, listen to the hens lay their eggs (sooo noisy), watch the cows in the farmer’s pasture to the west, and generally just decompress.

The yoga part? Yes, we definitely stretch a lot and our favorite pose is corpse. Tito does some other moves, but I’m not sure what they are even called!