Okay, I’m opinionated about instant pots and air fryers. I’m anti-instant pot, but I’m on my way to being converted to an air fryer believer. (The jury is still out until I’ve attempted egg rolls in the air fryer.) I will note that I would never have purchased an air fryer, but I did receive one as a Christmas gift from my kitchen-gadget-loving mother.

Just chop, season, and throw ’em in the ol’ air fryer!
The legendary air fryer/toaster/rotisserie/convection oven/oven in action.

I’ve only had the opportunity to try making french fries in the air fryer because the Husband got me a new french fry cutting attachment for the food processor for my upcoming birthday. They were very crunchy and good with parmesan cheese. I’m ready to try thicker cut fries now, too.

Really, I’m justifying all of this because the device is also a toaster/rotisserie/convection oven/oven/air fryer combo and air frying has got to be better for you than deep fried, right? It sure is less messy, so far. At least I’m not left with a metric ton of hot, used oil I know not what to do with, which will inevitably go rancid before I figure out how to repurpose it other than using it to grease a trailer hitch!

As for instant pots, they can be thrown off a cliff, really. I will take a cast iron Dutch oven any day. A good old crock pot will work, too. I’m not that desperate and disorganized that I feel like I have to put my food under pressure and have it done in 45 minutes. I’ve proven I can be lucid enough to remember to dethaw hunks of meat in the fridge days ahead of time, get it seasoned and into a crock pot up to 6 hours ahead of time, and actually remember to turn the dial to the correct setting and even plug the device in. Besides, who has room in their kitchen/pantry for all of these pretty big kitchen appliances, except for my mother? I would like to think I’m a bit of a minimalist in my kitchen…

Anyways, the Husband has been pretty good so far and has only joked about getting me an instant pot. However, it is a source of contention in this marriage. The Husband is my polar opposite and loves, loves anything and everything tech. Maybe I should get him an instant pot and he can learn to use it?!