We don’t eat much takeout because we are way too far off the beaten track.

The closest fast food is NOT worth it. Naturally, we haven’t been dining out over the last 15 months either. Hence, we often get stumped on what to make for dinner.

I made chicken chow mein using spinach and cabbage from the garden for dinner a couple nights ago. I like to let the garden dictate our meals. Helps take a lot of the guess work out of the daily question, “what should I make for dinner?”

Having the fresh produce out in the yard also helps when you live “out in the sticks”. No one wants to have to run out 30 minutes to an hour each way for something small like green onions! That’s my goal, to have enough produce coming out of the garden that I don’t have to rely on grocery store produce, except for “emergencies”, from about March to December.