Mulch is absolutely a must for gardens here in NE Kansas. The last thing I mulched my garden with was wheat straw, but unfortunately, wheat started growing! I won’t use that again.

Enter: wool! This year I grabbed some of the not-so-perfect ram fleeces and mulched my watermelons, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. Works great! Keeps moisture in and helps deter weeds. There are so many different uses for wool!

Below, scope out some pictures taken in June and July. All of these plants are MUCH bigger now. We are already eating squash and zucchini. Watermelons have set about 15-20 fruits. Cucumbers are out of control; I need to start making pickles FAST! The tomatoes are a little behind the curve, but in the end, it’ll be nice that the plantings were staggered. Can’t wait for harvest!

Watermelons with an old, busted gate for a trellis.
Pickling cucumbers.
Squarsh and zuchinnis!
Three different kinds of maters…